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So…you blame everyone but yourself…

Listening to the press conference given this morning by Kathy Griffin and her lawyer Lisa Bloom this morning reminded me of every reason I voted for TRUMP this past election. Why? didn’t they just talk about the head thing that Kathy did? Nope! Lisa did what her Mom the infamous ambulance chaser known as Gloria Allred did. She recanted every event from the entire campaign beginning with the Trumping of Megyn Kelly in that very first debate! It was comical!

So without posting gory images here, I’ll be brief in this posting and simply ask you to check out an image and a link to the site where it’s from, giving all credit and ownership to VULTURE.com where this comes from. They did an interview with the aforementioned Kathy Griffin in December 2016 where she was already planning (premeditating) an attack on the son of President Trump. The 11yr old Son. This by a grown “woman” (not without a ton of makeup!) threatening to attack the son of the incoming President.

I ask you to read and make your own judgement. Do you think that she’s a bit off her rocker? Perhaps in need of a psych evaluation? An ankle monitor? A restraining order to stay the hell away from the President and his family in all manners? I DO! But then again I think ahead in the game of life, planning and understanding next moves as in chess.

Today we were shown someone starving for relevance in the media and being left behind and whose career suicide brought on by her own choices is now to be blamed on the President and his family like they told her to do this. They didn’t. She made the choice. She needs to accept responsibility for her actions.

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